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Girl Shot Confusionvideo

This is exactly how I act when I see a needle coming anywhere towards me. An emotional meltdown of laughter, fright, and confusion at...
Dad Disabled Daughter Stagevideo

This is sure to make you cry. World's greatest dad? This guy took his disabled daughter on stage at a talent show and danced...
Lego Star Wars Force Awakensvideo

Fans can't get enough of the Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer. Here an amazing fan combined it with something else amazing: Legos. Plus...
vagina infographic

It's time for a little anatomy education on the human vagina. Men and women alike will likely learn something here.

UPS made the dreams of their absolute biggest fan in this heartwarming story of Driver For A Day.
strippers get boredvideo

I love the fact that she uses other objects in the room to swing to. How does she not get dizzy?
Feminist Objectified Womenvideo

We are going to go ahead and let the Unlooker audience determine what's up with this feminist objectified video.
Learn Cyr Wheelvideo

Look what happens when you really go after something. Eric Hunter did just that when he challenged himself to learning the Cyr Wheel and...
For The Homelessvideo

Tis the season for giving. It's nice to see that our community is coming through to help relieve some stress for those that live...
babies drunk adultsvideo

Obviously babies are cute miniature humans in the making. They are always falling over, spilling things, and have motor skills that aren't quite developed...